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Whether you’ve received a call to repair, insure, or assess a roof, before you do anything, conducting a thorough inspection is essential. A complete roof inspection allows you to evaluate its status and convey your professional opinion to the property owners, the authorities, and your company to take necessary action.

An inspection involves more than just looking at the roof; it requires detailed visual and sometimes thermal checks to identify any defects like hail damage, water or heat leakages, and potential corrosions that are not visible to the naked eye. However, as roofs are usually placed quite high and are generally steep, they become difficult to access and pose several challenges that hinder inspection engineers from doing their jobs effectively.

The current methods of roof inspection that use ladders, rope access, and scaffolding, are costly, time-consuming, and incredibly risky. Moreover, they limit the inspector’s ability to check the entire roof and determine the condition of the hard to reach areas. This often leaves many roof inspections incomplete.

If you are looking for a more efficient method of assessing the complete state of commercial and residential roofs, Kent Jones Productions LLC, has just the solution you need. As specialists in production and photography, we utilize drones to capture high-resolution images all around the building, and use specialized software to process the images and provide the documentation you need for a complete and accurate analysis. With these drones, we can quickly help you assess the structure of residential and commercial roofs.

The high-definition images that we capture enable the creation of accurate models for insurance adjusters or roofing companies to pinpoint damages or determine roof dimensions. With our service, insurance adjusters will be able to determine the extent of damages in an insurance claim, and roofers will be able to ascertain the amount of materials needed for a specific roofing job. 

Similarly, as a safe alternative to manual inspection and measuring, this service will guarantee the safety of roof inspectors when it comes to roofs that are steep or on a taller structure. Also, our drone images will help in obtaining results much faster and with better documentation than through manual methods.

Drone roof imagery is safer, faster, and more comprehensive than manual roof inspections for roofers, contractors, and insurance adjusters. When an inspection or set of images is needed, all you need to do is secure permission from the homeowner or business manager for access to the property and collect pictures.

Without this service, an adjuster, inspector, or contractor needs to physically scale the structure and walk around on the roof, taking pictures and measurements as required. Sometimes, this needs to be done multiple times. Even then, complete coverage of the roof is rarely accomplished. But drone inspections provide full coverage with images and data that are stored and available for review at any time. 3D modeling is also possible using drone imagery, allowing for an even more complete analysis of the data.

To avail of our drone photography and data processing, contact Kent Jones Productions LLC. We will also capture images from the ground all around the home or business to help in the assessment of damages to soft metals, doors, windows, and additional items on the property. Once the images are captured, they will be processed and delivered to the client.

Service costs for drone imagery vary based on the size of the property being assessed and the types of data required. Contact us at (405) 642-6881 to discuss your specific details, or email us at kent@kent-jones.com to obtain a quote. We are based in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Washington, Post Falls, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and surrounding areas

Kent Jones, the founder of Kent Jones Productions LLC, is an FAA Part 107 Certified drone pilot and has been flying drones for real estate, insurance inspections, television commercials, and special events since 2014.  He has served clients based across the country with commercial drone and ground photography including Wendy's, McDonald's Jack In The Box, large retail centers, and state parks, plus homes and vacation properties of all sizes.  In addition to his drone and digital photography work, Kent has had a successful career in radio and television programming and production for over four decades. In addition to shooting photos and videos, he is able to produce and narrate presentations making Kent Jones Productions a complete production solution.  Kent has decades of expertise in broadcast, video, and voiceover production.

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